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c_s_i's Journal

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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This is a community dedicated to the hit CBS show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It's an open join community, so please feel free to join and post.

1.) If you are going to post your thoughts about the current week's episode of any CSI, put it behind an lj-cut! This is a MUST and any I see not using this will be deleted! Again, LJ-CUT YOUR SPOILERS!
2.) Fanfiction relating to CSI is very welcome, but again lj-cut them and mark them as they are (i.e. This is a Greg/Nick slash fic) and put any necessary warnings (such as it's suited most for 16+ or something).
3.) Pictures should be under a lj-cut.
4.) If you're going to promote a community, it has to do with CSI. I will not accept any other type of promotions and they will be deleted and marked as spam. If you are not sure, please email me and I will tell you whether it belongs in c_s_i.

Moderator of this community: pirogoeth.

Have fun!

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