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Roleplay Community Re-boot!

I've noticed that a lot of the communities I used to frequent are no longer as active as they used to do, so I'm trying to respark some of them. Hope this kind of post is okay here.

I'm looking to re-boot a roleplay community I had started with some friends a few years ago, sl_csi_rp

This community was mainly started for CSI slash, but I figured I'd open it up to any kind of crime drama and maybe there might be more interest. I also started one over on Dreamwidth (it seems like that's where everyone is headed to nowadays).

If you are interested or know of anyone who might be interested, please come over to the community and take a look. No real rules, just common sense stuff.

Mods, if this isn't allowed, please delete.
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I have decided (after digging up this old fanfic of mine) to come out of hiding and share this with you.
This is suitable for all ages, it's a Catherine/Gil fic, I suppose, with a twist :)

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Thanks for reading you guys! :)
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Hey all! Just wanted to pop in and do a quick ad for a new CSI roleplay. Right now it's for all three CSI installations but later on we might expand to other crime shows. :D

It's in the very early stages and we need a lot of people. We're also in the renovating process, changing the layout of such. Please stop by, read the rules and see if you're interested!

Thank you!

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XMFC: E & C on steps

Icons (all 3 franchise shows)

1-37 X-Files
38-53 Battlestar Galactica
54-59 National Lampoon's Animal House (mostly Belushi)
60-69 old school soul/R&B/pop singers (Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Tammi Terrell, Sam Cooke, Etta James, Diana Ross, Florence Ballard)
70-102 CSI (LV)
103-115 CSI:Miami
116-123 CSI:NY

124 140x140 CSI Icon (sized for TalkCSI Forum)
125-127 CSI Wallpapers
+52 Set of 52 Textures
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First Weekly Contest - Questions Answered!

I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I finally got the answers for the question that was picked for the first weekly contest. I was also allowed to ask a question, so I'm gonna include both questions/answers here. Enjoy!

Here are the answers from David Rambo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Rambo

1. Comparing what I read in the news about our local crime scene lab techs with what's shown on CSI, it seems like there is one area that's nowhere near reality on your show: workload. Have you ever thought about adding large backlogs and turnaround times to your plots in order to reflect how overworked many real life CSIs are?

That's a great suggestion. Everyone can relate to having too much work on their plate. We have depicted some heavy workload shifts, especially in autopsy, where it's kind of fun to see bodies stacked on gurneys stretching down the halls of the coroner's office. You'll often hear our team say they're "working a double" or even "a triple." But they usually don't show the stress of that. I've seen real-life Vegas CSIs come off a double shift looking as if they just got to work. If there's a new challenge, a new way to look at a situation, they're stimulated and on the job.

2. How far in advance do you plan out the various storylines (both major and the little sub-plots) of CSI and is it difficult to keep track of all the storylines/events that took place in CSI and make sure there aren't any contradictions?

During the first week or so that the writers assemble to start work on the new season, we discuss big character arcs and any season-long stories, such as this season's "Dr. Jekyll" storyline. Once we start on individual episodes, we'll come up with ideas about a month to three weeks before filming starts. Every episode idea is thoroughly discussed with the executive producers, Carol Mendelsohn and Naren Shankar. Usually, several writers will help "break" the story -- come up with an outline of the major events and twists in the plot. Then, a writer or writers will go off for about a week to actually write a script.

We have a "show bible" that lists the plots, characters, settings and forensics of every single CSI episode. Any time the question "have we done this before?" comes up, we check the bible. Also, we often watch prior episodes, sometimes just to get inspired to keep doing our best and not repeat ourselves. We also have an in-house system to coordinate story ideas so that we don't overlap with CSI: Miami or CSI: New York.
Surma and Raynard (Gunnerkrigg Court)

Fourth Weekly Contest Winner & Grand Prize Contest Winner!!

Today, I announce the winner of the fourth and final weekly contest and the winner of the grand prize contest!! We'll start off with the 4th weekly contest winner!

The winner of the 4th weekly contest, in which we asked, "What, in your mind, sets CSI apart from the other shows of its genre?" is...


Their submission was: Of those the shows I have had a chance of viewing only the C.S.I franchise series has given me the pleasure of seeing romantic professionals doing their jobs with care and excellency. Do we not all love experts whatever their expertise?

Congrats! You will be contacted via private message on LJ for instructions on how to claim your prize!


And now, the moment we've all been waiting for! The winner of the grand prize, who will win a copy of CSI: Deadly Intent and a Nintendo Wii is...


Their submission to the grand prize contest was: Part One: Which crime scene in the online CSI: Deadly Intent game is your favorite to investigate? Which piece of evidence was the most helpful?

So far, I really enjoyed investigating the murder in the bar. Bars provide many different motives for violence -- robbery, alcohol-fueled range, personal grudges -- and the fact that it's a place where strangers gather means that the evidence might point at any number of people. I thought that the cash register was the most telling; it still had a lot of money in it, so a simple robbery was unlikely in that case.

Part Two: If you could create your own crime scene, what would it look like? Describe the victim, evidence and scene of the crime... The more thorough you are, the better chance someone will have of catching the killer and the better chance you'll have of winning!

I think a crime scene set in the workroom of a glitzy Las Vegas show would be interesting:

Scene of the Crime: back stage at a big Las Vegas show, one with dozens of showgirls. The room in question is the cluttered workshop of the costume mistress. Costumes under repair hang on the walls; a sewing machine sits off to one side; a cabinet full of thread, pins, needles and spare costume embellishments is at one end. Huge showgirl headdresses hang on the wall on wig forms.

Victim: it's the costume mistress herself! Rosanna is lying on her back behind a sewing table with her legs folded under her. She's been stabbed with the dressmaker's shears that hangs around her neck from a ribbon. She was only stabbed once, and the scissors are still stuck in her chest. Body was discovered by cleaning crew at 4 am -- the show was dark that evening.

Evidence items:
1. The scissors. They are smudged from someone holding them to stab the victim, but the fingerprints are not usable.
2. The victim is holding a measuring tape in one hand.
3. Her schedule book, which says: 3pm - Train new assistant; 4 pm - Fit Victoria with lead costume; 5 pm - Ricardo mtg.
4. Receipt for a drugstore pregnancy test is on the floor.
5. Torn note from Ricardo on her table, reading "This must STOP or there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES!"

Megan, the new assistant. Megan is very nervous and explains she met with Rosanna at 3pm for training in how to fix feathered costumes. She admits thinking Rosanna was mean -- "All I did was tip over one tray of rhinestones my first day. She didn't have to go ballistic, we found most of them, right? I thought it was hilarious."

Ricardo, the stage manager. Has a long-running feud with Rosanna regarding costume storage. Rosanna wanted all the costumes in individual bags to cut down cleaning time; Ricardo refused as it would be too much hassle with all the costume changes in the show. Claims his note fragment was referring to Megan's prank with the rhinestones, nothing else. Says he showed up to meet with Rosanna at 5pm, but saw no one.

Victoria, new lead dancer. Victoria has just been promoted to be the lead after the previous star left the show. Rosanna was altering the costume for her and this was going to be her final fitting. Very teary-eyed about Rosanna, called her "a true friend." Says she came about 4:15 to her appointment, did not see Rosanna, and left.

I want to thank EVERYONE for participating in the grand prize contest and the 4 weekly contests! They were huge fun - I hope everyone else had fun, as well!


I want to say, in regards to the first weekly contest, we're still awaiting the answer from the CSI writing team. I will post as soon as I hear back. Sorry for the delay!